Intrigue on SWU.FM every month

We have a brand new monthly show on Bristol’s new underground radio station, SWU.FM! The first two shows have been archived, check them out below.

The show runs monthly Thursdays, stay tuned for the next date in January coming soon….

Intrigue on SWU.FM – Nov 2020

Mosaic – Hold Up (31 Recordings)
Ben Soundscape – Desert Swim (Dispatch Recordings)
Catch 22 – Survival (Good Looking Records)
Lurch dnb – Wrong Turn (Intrigue Music)
Calibre – Into The Groove (Signature)
T.R.A.C. – Life In Motion feat. Submorphics (Carlito & Addiction remix) (V RECORDINGS)
Philth & Solidframe feat. Collette Warren – Say it Right (Intrigue Music)
Noctem – Reign (Intrigue Music)
Amante – Stepper’s Delight (Intrigue Music)
Mindstate_music – Walk Away (Precinct)
Random Movement – Still Aint Changed (Ben Soundscape remix) (Flight Pattern)
The Insiders x Mutt – Beautiful (Intrigue Music)
Raw Q – NY State of Mine (Ben Soundscape remix) (Intrigue Music)
Ben Soundscape – The Upside Down (Prestige Music Group)
Goldie – Inner City Life (DBridge’s Sonic Nostalgia remix) (Metalheadz)
R1C0 – Decay (Take it All) (Intrigue Music)
Ben Soundscape – Situations (Liquid Lab)
Lurch dnb – Sun It May Rise (Intrigue Music
Tokyo Prose – Innate Motion (The North Quarter)
Nu:Tone – Do it Right (Hospital Records)
??? – ??? (???)
Teej & JAPPA – 16 Speakers (Nuusic)
DJ Zinc – Casino Royale (Bingo Bass)
Ben Soundscape – The Studio (Intrigue Music)
Capone – Friday (Hardleaders)
??? – SweetWater (???)
Klute – My Black & White (Calibre remix) (Commercial Suicide)
Cybin – Be Strong (Intrigue Music)
Monologue – WahWah (Intrigue Music)
Dj Marky – Da Latin Thing (Innerground Records)
X-Bar Theory – They Don’t Know (???)
Ben Soundscape – My Business (Dispatch Recordings)
Catch 22 – Brotherhood (Good Looking Records)
Accelerated – Arcane (Intrigue Music)

Intrigue on SWU.FM – Oct 2020

DRS & Dynamite feat. Calibre – Highrise FM (Hospital)
R1C0 – Late Lab (Intrigue Music)
Mosaic – Hold Up (31 Records)
Bungle – Turnaround (Prestige)
Ben Soundscape, RoyGreen & Protone – A Dance (Liquid V)
Lurch – Sun it May Rise (Intrigue Music)
Ruckspin feat. Ruth Royall – Porcelain (SoulVent)
Hugh Hardie – LEarning to Fly (Hospital)
Ben Soundacape & Samie Darra – Together Again (??)
Bachelors of Science feat. Ben Soundscape, Dominque Gomez & MC Child – Love is Found (DJ SS remix) (Formation)
Confusious & Ben Soundscape feat. Collette Warren – The Descent (Fokuz)
Workforce – Overnight Express Feat. SP.MC (Break Remix) (MustMake)
Stereotype – Ginormous (Intrigue Music)
Jappa – Clash (SoulVent)
Selecta J-Man, DJ Gaw & A Little Sound – Rum & Lime (Born on Road)
The Insiders – Integrity (V Recordings)
Zar & Dan Harris – All that Jazz (Ben Soundscape remix) (Liquid Lab)
Joakuim – The Jam Session (Intrigue Music)
The Insiders – Tell Me (Intrigue Music)
Ben Soundscape – Untitled (Liquid Lab)
Carlito & Addiction – Just Wanna Be (Creative Source)
Ben Soundscape, RoyGreen & Protone – Whitewine (Intrigue
Calibre – Falls to you VIP (Signature)
Unknown – Trippin (??)
Bredren feat. Fokus – Rotate (Dispatch)
Break & DLR – Hit The Target (Sofa Sound)
Halogenix – Independent (Critical)
Ben Soundscape, RoyGreen & Protone feat. Rick Payne – Diversion (Dispatch)
Disrupta feat. J Select – So Good (Co-Lab)
Fokus, Ben Soundscape, RoyGreen & Protone – Frequencies (Dispatch)
Mosaic – Persuasion (31 Records)
R1C0 – Decay (Take it All) (Intrigue Music)
LSB & DRS – Keep the Time (Footnotes)