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Listen to a selection of previous Intrigue Music releases. For the latest tracks and releases, head over to our Bandcamp store to listen and purchase.


Vol. 1: The Insiders (Mar 2008)

For the first in the series, The Insiders take to the decks for a set recorded on Ben Soundscape’s birthday back in 2008. Featuring MC Fokus on mic duties. [ 1hr30m – 192mp3 format ]

The Insiders


Vol. 2: DJ Die (Nov 2007)

Check out this classic old skool set from DJ Die, taped at Dojo Lounge back in 2007. Featuring MC System.
D-I-E!! [ 1hr37m – 192mp3 format ]

DJ Die


Vol 3: Goldie & Storm (Jun 2009)

Goldie & Storm in the mix, with a killa 3 hour back-to-back set from our summer special at Dojo Lounge. Featuring MC System & MC Fokus. [ 3hrs5m – 192mp3 format ]

Goldie & Storm


Volume 4: Lynx (Dec 2008)

From our Christmas special back in 2008, we welcome Lynx for the 4th installment in the ’10 Years’ series. Featuring Kemo MC. [ 1hr23m – 192mp3 format ]



Vol 5: Break & Survival (Feb 2009)

A back to back mix from Break & Survival, recorded at our 6th birthday back in February 2009. Featuring MC System. [ 1hr20m – 192mp3 format ]

Break & Survival


Vol 6: Patife (Nov 2006)

Patife takes to the decks for volume 6, recorded at our Swerve special back in November 2006. Featuring Ayah on mic duties. [ 51m – 192mp3 format ]



Vol 7: D-Bridge (May 2008)

This set from D-Bridge was recorded at the ‘Gemini Principle’ album launch back in May 2008. Featuring MC System on the mic. [ 1hr51m – 192mp3 format ]



Vol 8: Marcus Intalex (Mar 2008)

Marcus Intalex takes the reigns for volume 8, taped back in March 2008. Featuring DRS on the mic. [ 1hr29m – 192mp3 format ]

Marcus Intalex


Vol 9: Fabio (Feb 2008)

For the penultimate mix in the ’10 Years’ series, we present a set from scene legend Fabio, recorded at Intrigue’s 5th birthday back in 2008. Featuring MC System. [ 1hr06m – 192mp3 format ]



Vol 10: Doc Scott (Oct 2012)

To complete the series on the day of our 10th birthday, we present Doc Scott in the mix. Recorded live at Intrigue, October 2012. Featuring MC System. [ 1hr34m – 192mp3 format ]

Doc Scott